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Sep 08


life is easy, son. it’s just like riding a bike that’s on fire and you’re on fire and everything is on fire and you’re in hell

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seriously though, imagine if commercials for “men’s” razors staunchly, fearfully avoided ever showing a beard or stubble or any trace of facial hair whatsoever, as if made in a bizarre and inexplicable alternate universe in which the thing their product exists to groom doesn’t exist

just dudes grinnin’ coyly as they mime running razors over their baby-bottom smooth jawlines, eyes glazed over, not knowing what it is they do, or why, knowing merely that they must

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Jul 20


“I hope one day
you stop romanticizing
the lover who puts
windstorms inside
your bones,
flames inside your lungs
and a graveyard inside
your mind.” — Alexa Evangelista | you deserve better (via vodkakilledtheteens)

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“But all I can fucking remember are your blue eyes and you’re stupid fucking smile and your voice oh god I miss your voice” — (via yourdeaddarling)

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“I use to tell you how much I love the rain and now I shut my windows and listen to music until the sun comes back out. I told you what my favorite movie was, when we watched it together you kissed me at my favorite scene. I haven’t watched it ever since. I asked you what color I should paint my nails once, you insisted on red. I gave my best friend all my red nail polish because I hate the color now. You introduced me to music that made me think about you every night and I had to delete it all. You made me smile every day and you took away that pleasure too.” — You ruined everything I ever loved but I still love you (via yourdeaddarling)

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Jul 19


i may not be that funny or athletic or good looking or smart or talented i forgot where i was going with this

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I only just realized…

13 going on 30 totally confronts pedophilia, DID, BDD, and alcoholism with a 13 year old girl.